My Husband Used to Work Nights

By Chef Myasmonster

//Changed title for being revealing.

Well, my husband used to work midnights. He would leave 11 pm and get off at 11am. At the time, we had one daughter who as just under two years old. He would always come into our bedroom and kiss me goodbye before he left, my daughter safely tucked away and asleep in her room. When he would leave, I could clearly hear the door open and shut. Our front door is very noisy.

Well one night, just like any other night, he came in and woke me up to say goodbye. We always left the hallway light on in case our daughter would wake during the night. He left the room and I heard the door open and shut. He would always, and I mean ALWAYS text me when he got to work. I had pretty bad anxiety and if he didn’t I would fly off the deep end thinking he was in a ditch somewhere.

About 15-20 minutes after he left for work, I was drifting back to sleep. Then I clearly heard our front door open and shut again. My heart was racing a little bit because usually if my husband forgets something, he calls me to let me know he’s coming back. No call. So I’m staring at the crack in the bedroom door waiting to see him.

Pretty soon, even though I didn’t hear footsteps, my husband came into the room telling me he forgot his work keys. He sits on the bed. He’s extra smiley for some reason. He leans in to give me a kiss but I quickly realize that he wants more than a kiss. I pull back and ask him doesn’t he have to be at work?

It was looking in his eyes when I realized, it wasn’t my husband. It looked just like him, sounded just like him. But it definitely wasn’t him. It was when I had that realization that my phone lit up on the nightstand. I knew that it was a text to say that he had made it to work safely.

My heart was beating rapidly but I didn’t want to let on that I knew it wasn’t my husband. I could tell that this “thing” , whatever it was knew that I knew though. I rebuffed him and kept saying he had to get to work, even though his hands kept trying to work their way over my body and he was trying to kiss on my neck.

FINALLY, he said, “you know what? You’re right.” And he got up and left. I heard the front door open and shut.

First thing I did was check on my sleeping baby. She was fine. I checked the front door. It was locked. I couldn’t sleep that night, so I stayed up until about 6am and then fell asleep after the sun came up.

To this day, I don’t know who or what that thing was. I told my husband about it and he thinks it was a demon. That wasn’t the last time something like that happened to me, because I have felt hands on my body as I’m falling asleep on several occasions. Literally felt the weight of hands on my waist and legs.

I have no explanation for this. Just wanted to share.

//Original Title: You’re Not Him


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