I Just Want a Normal Kid

By Chef D18

I know a lot of people think this about their kids. Hell, I’m sure my parents said it about me. But honestly, something is wrong with this child.

I see kids at the park laughing and smiling. I see the twinkle in their eyes when they’re happy like that and wonder why my kid can’t act like that?

I know normal kids love ice cream and candy. I see them eating it in movies with huge grins on their face, but my kid barely eats at all, and when I slide sweets under the door he completely refuses them. Seriously, what gives?

I wish I could trust him with various household items, but he chewed through my favorite rope just last week. Plus, he is always hiding things. I don’t think it’s in a playful way either, because when I found my missing screwdriver he flipped out.

I just wish for one night I could see him through the monitors sleeping peacefully. I mean, he doesn’t keep me up at night because I made his room pretty soundproof, but it bothers me knowing he’s crying in the corner.

I’m honestly at my wits end. When I chose him he seemed so happy, but I was wrong. He’s just like the others were.


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