There are People Outside my Windows – Part 2

By Chef Nickbotic


//Original Title “There are people outside my windows during blackouts – Part 2” Changed for brevity.

I went to the hotel to stay with my wife and daughter. I will admit that I let bravado and machismo fog my view of what is truly important. My question now, though, is what if these things are following one of us in particular?

Anyways, I snapped out of my nerve-induced show of resilience and decided to go back to the hotel. As I drove down the street, each street light I passed went out. One by one. The darkness behind me seemed to envelope everything else, even in the moonlight. I sped up, but the darkness caught up to me. I began seeing people walking from the sidewalk towards the middle of the street, in that horrible, albeit ridiculous flail. This just told me that whatever was going on was not limited to my house. These things walked in the street and waved as I drove by, dodging me as I swerved towards them. I reached the hotel, but realized I still needed to pick up high powered flashlights. Luckily for me, there was a Wal-Mart about 3 minutes away from the hotel. I made it there without trouble, and got in and out in about 5 minutes flat, with no interruptions from the stalkers of my worst dreams.

I finally made it to the hotel and went up to the fourth floor to reunite with my family. My wife answered the door after I knocked, and I saw my daughter passed out on the couch. I told my wife I had seen the things, which we’re going to call “smilers” from this point on, on the street on my way to the hotel. My wife reported back to me that nothing of concern had happened at the hotel. This gave me a well-needed sense of peace, as I was starting to feel suffocated by fear and paranoia.

My wife and I had both fallen asleep on the couch, our daughter in the large lounge chair to our left. I was awoken by a tapping sound coming from the proper bedroom around 3am. Upon opening my eyes I knew there had been a blackout. I quickly darted up and grabbed a flashlight and headed into the room. I shined the flashlight in the room, and when it was clear, I walked towards the drawn blinds. The only thing I could think of was how someone was knocking on a fourth floor window where there was no balcony. I quickly opened the blinds to an empty window. I breathed a sigh of relief, but perked back up when I heard my wife loudly whisper my name. I rushed back to the living room and saw movement in the crack between the curtains on the door to the balcony. I told my daughter to cover her eyes and approached the window.

I kept the flashlight pointed forward as I inched towards the covered sliding glass door. When I reached it, I flung the curtains open and shined the light forward, directly on the three grinning individuals that stood before me. The didn’t seem to affect them at all. It was at this time, though, that I finally got a good look at them. They were dirty. As in, their hair was ratty and knotted up, they had junk in the corners of their mouths, their clothes were tattered and torn, with dirt stains all over the place. Their teeth were unkempt, for the ones that even had all their teeth, The men who sported facial hair did so without any touch of style; beards were bushy and spotty. The main thing I noticed was their eyes, though. Through all of this filth, each and every one of their eyes shone bright in the reflection of the flashlight. I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed it before, surely their eyes glistened in the dark. They were mesmerizing. I found myself just standing there looking into one of their eyes when my wife spoke my name in the same tone. I snapped out of it.

I asked, loudly, what the fuck they wanted with me and my family. I was actually met with a reply. The woman on the left spoke very matter of fatly when she said:

“We just want you and your wife. Then we’ll come for that pretty little lady.”

I hadn’t expected a response, so I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say. I sputtered out a pathetic “why?”.

“Because it’s time. You’ve lived here long enough. And now it’s time for you to really come home.”

Come home? I had no idea what she was talking about. Just as I was about to reply, each of their heads turned to their left, and they looked past me at something in our room. I looked behind me, and saw a pair of glowing eyes in the bedroom. It had tapped on the window from the inside. I had no idea where it could have went after tapping without me seeing it. My wife screamed and I ran to shut the door on this smiling intruder, just as it began to take a step towards us. Just then, the power came back on. I was alerted of this by the microwave beeping. And just like that, the smilers on the balcony were gone. I kept the bedroom door closed anyways.

I told my wife we needed to get out of the area. It seemed as though they would only show up during the blackouts. I didn’t know if they could control the blackouts themselves, but it didn’t seem so, otherwise why wouldn’t they just finish what they came to do in all one attempt? We agreed that we weren’t safe at the hotel anymore and packed our things. On our way out, the clerk who had checked us in asked what was going on? I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something about the blackout. His response to me was “what blackout?”. I didn’t stop to explain.

Before getting the hell out of dodge, I thought it would be a good idea to go past our house to see if anything had happened there in our absence. As we drove past, we saw the front door and every window on the first floor wide open. All the lights were off inside but I could just barely the glow of the display on the electronic components in the living room from the road, so it wasn’t due to a blackout. I had left a few lights on before I left, I know I had. Instead of stopping to investigate, we just kept on driving, heading for the freeway.

We’ve been on the road for many hours now, heading east. We haven’t seen anything yet, but it’s also not night time. If I’m able to figure anything out, I will post in an update tomorrow. Please wish me and my family luck. I have a feeling we’re going to need it.


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