My Sister Texted me Late Last Night

By Chef neveneffecten


> I miss you

Just that. I woke up when I got the text, kind of angry that she’d wake me up for seemingly nothing. I was a bit confused because this was not really like her. We’re more like those two sisters who’ll act bitchy and get in actual shouting matches from time to time. She’s never told me she missed me before. Then again, she was probably drunk.

It’s not like we never see each other. She bought a house a couple of months ago – we were roommates before that – but we probably see each other about once a week. Maybe she was bored and thinking about the times we watched tv together at night? Maybe she was lonely, all alone in her house, and just wanted some company – any company?

Maybe she’s thinking ahead and already misses me – I’m leaving today to visit my boyfriend for two weeks. But two weeks isn’t that long. I don’t know. She’s just confusing.

I just got another text:

> Wish we could have dinner at your place. I miss your pasta.

I mean, yeah, she loved when I made pasta. But just ask and I’ll make you some?

Anyway, I have to leave for the airport now. If I get any more weird texts, I’ll update you guys but I won’t have Internet access untill around noon tomorrow. I’ll try calling my sister again before I check in, hopefully this will all sort itself out.

> ‘I wish you never got on that plane.’


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