Tap Tap Tap

By Chef JCB119

Okay. I’m obviously either mentally ill or something seriously messed up is happening. You might think this is bullshit, but I just needed to tell someone about what is going on. I can’t sleep, or be alone and it’s killing me.

So here is what is happening. I am being followed, watched, stalked, tortured, whatever you want to call it. At first I thought that whoever was doing it was just some asshole with way too much time on his hands, but now, I’m not even sure this thing is human.

It started when I was driving home last week. I pulled in to my driveway and parked my car. I went to grab my bag of groceries from the passenger seat when I heard it. TAPTAPTAP. A very faint tapping on my back window of my car. I looked back to see for just a split second, a silhouette of a person looking at me through the window. And as quickly as I saw him/her/it the silhouette darted away out of sight. Honestly it happened so fast, I convinced myself that it was nothing at all, and just went inside my house.

The next night I was downstairs alone watching t.v. And the worst part about my basement is that there are windows completely surrounding the t.v area (Perfect for some kind of horror movie right?) And that’s when I heard it again. TAPTAPTAP. Coming from the window to my left. Of course I looked, and I saw it again. Just the dark shape of a person, darting out of sight. This time I was sure I saw something. It was too dark to see who was looking at me, so I ran upstairs and outside to see if I could catch whoever it was. I figured it was just some drunk teenagers messing around. Looked around my whole house and no one was around. Safe to say I was very creeped out, and I felt like I was still being watched. However I went back inside and watched t.v as usual.

This is where it starts to get ridiculous. A couple of days later, it’s the middle of the day time, and I decided to go for a run. Now I’m not great on the cardio so I had to stop often and catch my breath. At one point I stop along the sidewalk at the side of a house. I hear it again. TAPTAPTAP. Not banging, not scratching, just a faint enough tapping as if someone was trying to get my attention. The tapping was coming from the backyard fence of the house. I looked at the fence and waited. TAPTAPTAP. I hear it again. Now I’ve seen too many horror movies to be an idiot, so I didn’t stick around and look into the backyard. The rest of my run home seemed to go by way quicker.

That same night I was reading in my living room. Now the way my living room is set up, is I have two big couches along the front window of my house set up so that anyone walking by outside could basically watch my t.v. Or watch me watch my t.v. I was reading on one of my couches, and I heard from directly behind me. TAPTAPTAP. Something tapped the window inches away from my head. My first instinct was to turn around, but I stopped myself. I stood up slowly, moved away from the couch and window, and then turned my head to look. It was staring right at me. Standing right up to the window. It was a person, but not really a person. By that I mean it was shaped like a normal sized human, but it had no face. It had nothing. It was basically a shadow, but It felt way more real than that. It was just a dark figure that instantly filled me with fear. I tried to yell. Nothing came out. I felt like passing out. Then I must have blinked or something, and I couldn’t see it anymore. Instead of locking the doors and hiding, I said screw it and ran out of the house to stay at a friend’s place.

I didn’t tell my friend about it, I figured I would sound like an idiot who has seen way too many horror movies. We just hung out at his place, drank a few beers, played some video games. It was just what I needed. Of course, things didn’t stay that way. I went to use his bathroom. Maybe I was taking my sweet time in there, but I found it rude when my friend came up to the bathroom door and signaled to hurry with a TAPTAPTAP. Wait, I thought. Instantly I got chills. Clearly this had to be my friend. I yelled “I’ll be out in a second!” Then silence. I waited for a good 4 minutes before opening the door. Expecting the worst, I was surprised to see nothing standing in front of me. When I went back to the room my friend was in, he asked me what I was yelling at him about from the bathroom. I said “nevermind”. Had one of the worst sleeps of my life that night.

That brings me to tonight. I haven’t been sleeping well at all. And now I’m afraid I will never sleep again. It was a perfect night up until this point. I was lying down in bed, so incredibly tired…. And then I heard it…TAPTAPTAP. The lightest tapping. I almost started to cry right there. You see it wasn’t coming from my window… It was coming from underneath my bed.

I felt the vibration of the taps against my back. I froze for about 15 seconds and then immediately jumped off my bed and ran for the door. Not looking behind me. Never looking behind me.

I drove to my parents house hoping maybe I will be safe here. No luck. Even as I am writing this, I hear tapping coming from the wall as if someone is in my parents bedroom beside mine tapping. TAPTAPTAP. It’s driving me crazy.

So please if anyone knows what the hell is going on, please, please help me! Am I just crazy or something? Is there a diagnosis for what I have? Am I the only person that this has happened to?

Help me please. And hurry. Someone just knocked on my bedroom door. Well it wasn’t so much a knock as it was a TAPTAPTAP.


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