I Hate my Mum

By Chef Tahmizzles


She really gets very annoying sometimes. She always screams at me and tells me to do things I don’t like doing. Yesterday, she turned off my PS4 while I was playing Fortnite!

I’ve had enough of it!

That’s why I’m leaving home. I don’t really wanna leave my big brother. He’s usually nice to me. My dad went on a business trip a couple of years ago and hasn’t come back. I’m sure I’ll see him someday, but he was nice too.

But I can’t handle my mum anymore. She’s always angry at me and yelling at me. I’m leaving!

I pack my bags with all the chips and cereal from the pantry. I take my 3DS. I take a few of my school books because my brother says to have money like him, I need to study.

I walk down the road and away from home. It feels good outside. It’s too stuffy in my house, but out here its nice and cool and free. I keep walking down the street and off into the darkness.

It’s a bit scary but thankfully, a nice man came to keep me company! I’m not sure who he is. Mum usually says not to talk to strangers but… I hate mum.

He’s nice. He listens to my problems. He says he’s got a nice big house with lots of toys that I can stay at. I asked him if he has a PS4 with Fortnite. He laughs and says he can get that for me too.

He’s a lot nicer than mum. He takes me to his house. It’s not as big and pretty as I imagined it to be. It’s kind of stinky looking, like his car. It looks really old.

His house has a funny smell too. I’m not sure what it is. He tells me not to worry about it. He tells me to wait in the living room as he goes downstairs to the basement.

His TV is kind of boring. He doesn’t have any cartoon channels. Just security tapes from around his house.

He comes back upstairs and tells me to follow him down. He says that he’s set up the PS4 in the basement. I follow him.

The funny smell gets a lot stronger.


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