Someone Knocks on my Door Every Night

By Chef BloomMilk


Around last Wednesday on the 20th my roommates and I finished moving into our new apartment. The place is pretty nice, nothing too fancy, but a good size for the three of us. Our apartment has a nice open kitchen and family room, and connecting to it is a narrow hallway with all of our bedrooms. Every night since we moved in has been really odd though.

First of all, we found a wine stain in the carpet the day we got there. Which, you would think, would’ve been cleaned before they sold the place. Also, all of our neighbors have given us weird looks ever since we moved in. Looking at us like they are disgusted and scared at the same time. I’m guessing the people who lived in our apartment before us didn’t have the best reputation. People maybe don’t realize that they moved and that we are new people living there.

Another weird thing is that a lot of the outlets in the place don’t work, but no one ever told us ahead of time. And, weirdest of all, there is a knock on our door each night. The first night, I was sleeping, and I woke up to hear a knock at the door. I left my room, turned the lights on, checked the door, and big surprise…no one was there. I just assumed it was the neighbors, but then it happened again the next night. Once again, I checked and there was no one there. I asked my roommates, but seems like each of them slept through it.

Every night, it has happened again and again. My roommates and I have tried to stay awake for it, but none of us have been able to. It happens at random times. Some nights it’s 4 am, other nights it’s 2:30 am. All of us have long work hours, so we are usually too tired to even try to stay up. Every night I try to check the door faster, to see if I can catch who it is. But, there is never anyone there. I’m a pretty light sleeper, but my friends are very deep sleepers, so I am always the one who has to go check.

Last night, however, was…different. Up until then, we had all dismissed it, and just assume it’s either a prank or our neighbors’ door. Last night after the knock, I found a note on the door. It read, “Beer, chips, ranch, cheese. Please.” Now you may think this is just someone’s grocery list or something, but there’s more to it. There was a pen on the ground when I opened the door. The pen was a blue pen, same as the note was written in. The part that gave me chills, and realized something else was at play here, was when I saw the engraving on the pen. It was a pen from a doctor’s office. Dr. Daniel Jennings’ office. The place where my roommate works.

I am now scared as hell. This knock has to be from someone who knows us, or someone who is following us. I don’t know what to do next.


When I woke up today, I immediately went to the kitchen to tell Rob what I found out. Rob is the one who works at the doctor’s. Rob’s reaction was more concerned than mine was when I told him. As I kept rambling on about how insane this all is, he cut me off and said “Shhhhh.” He started mouthing sentences to me, instead of talking at the normal volume we were just at. “What’s wrong?” I said. And, once more he shushed me. He waved me over to where he was walking. We quietly walked to the desk where Rob does his work. I couldn’t tell why we were being so quiet, but Rob was practically tiptoeing, so I trusted him and just went along. He brought me to his desk, pulled out a drawer, and showed me a small box filled with the same pen. “And…?” I said. He then took one of the pens, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down a message.

At that moment, my body froze. I felt chills slowly travel down my spine, all the way to my feet. I suddenly felt unsafe. His note read:

‘Those pens are new. Supposed to bring to office tomorrow. Old pens were red engraving on side.’

It didn’t take me longer than two seconds to realize that meant the pen was taken from inside the apartment. Now, we are clueless about what to do. Rob had the idea of setting a camera. We decided on putting it in the hallway outside our door, hidden in a plant with its charger, and letting it run. Luckily, it had enough storage to record the whole night. It’s one of my roommate’s fancy camcorders.

The footage somehow managed to show barely anything, yet make us figure out everything at the same time. The footage was mostly just neighbors walking in and out of the hallway, talking to friends, bringing home groceries, the usual stuff. During the night when I woke up to the knock, I immediately wrote down what time it was. I believe it was around 2:48 am. So, we rolled back the footage to the timestamp of when it would be that time. But, we saw the opposite of what we were expecting. Nobody was there.

We were all so confused. We had no idea what this could mean, but then Patrick, the other roommate, decided to enhance and increase the audio in the video. We all stood around his computer as he edited the footage, and then we watched it back. At the correct time in the video, you could hear a faint knock, but no one to be seen.

“Oh shit, this place is haunted.” Patrick said. I chuckled a bit, but Rob had a terrified look on his face. We asked him what’s wrong. Then he whispered, “They’re here. They are in here right now.” All of us froze. We could feel our bodies stiffen, as the eerie thought came to mind. Rob was right. The knocking was coming from the inside. Someone wasn’t breaking in, someone from Rob’s work wasn’t pulling a prank, none of that. There was a fucking stranger in our apartment. The next question is: where?

There are no secret closets or small doors in the apartment, and no attic and no basement because we were on the fourth floor out of twelve. So now, we need to figure out where he or she is. Where should we look? What should we do first? All of our minds are absolutely fucked right now.

After a few hours, we decided to put up another camera. This time, inside of our apartment. We all left to get lunch, hoping that when we came back the person might have come out of their hiding spot. Somehow we were okay with the crazy idea of leaving a stranger in our place while we went to eat. We didn’t feel safe there, and video of an empty hallway wasn’t enough to take to the police. We came back and watched the new footage.

It was the creepiest shit I had ever seen. Looking at our own apartment, then suddenly seeing a person emerge from a cut out in our floor. The wood panels were cut into a square, and he pushed up and moved in aside, and climbed into our family room. We were mind boggled. It was the scariest fucking feeling, especially with that part in the floor only six feet away from where we were now.

The man rummaged through our fridge, searched through our stuff, and then went back into his hole. Slowly, we all stepped towards the area in the floor. We could see a faint outline around the area, and it was amazing how we never noticed it before. Rob slipped his fingers under the ridge of the planks, and lifted up the “hatch.” We all peeked over, looking into the apartment below us. Staring back at us was the same man. He was looking right up at us. Smiling. Weirdly smiling. Chills is the only word that comes to mind when I describe how I felt in that moment. He waved at us. Rob then slammed the cutout back down and dialed 911. The police came shortly after.

The man’s name was John Field. It turns out he was a wanted criminal for multiple homicides. One, in fact, happened right in our apartment. A young couple used to live here. They were missing persons for almost two months now. Their bodies were stored in John’s freezer in his apartment below them. Apparently he was very poor. He always asked them to do dinner together sometime at their place since he couldn’t afford much food. He also made lists for them, each which asked for some food, much like the one he gave to us. John’s creepiness resulted in the couple avoiding and ignoring him in hopes he would go away. One night while the couple was out, John cut out a panel in his ceiling and put a ladder underneath it. When the couple returned home, they decided to watch TV and have a movie night. John then sneaked into their room through his hatch. John interrupted their movie night. He stabbed the couple to death. Which explains the “wine” stain on our carpet.

That’s all the police told us. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Field has many more homicides in his history.

This whole thing is fucking insane. I can’t believe this even happened to us. I hope nothing crazier ever happens to me. It’s fucking terrifying to think what would have happened if we never figured it out.

I hope that this is the end to this story. I hope I never hear about John Field again. If something happens in the future, I’ll let you know.

But for now, it seems it’s all over.


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