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Here is our entire selection, arranged by creator. Chefs with only one recipe are listed after those with multiple entries. Series are listed in order of release rather than alphabetically, and nested (an additional indention) within the first part.

Our master chef, anon, has chosen to appear last due to his humble nature.

50 Foot Ant/Humper-Monkey

50 Foot Ant’s First Story

Humper-Monkey’s Ghost Story

Humper-Monkey’s Epilogue





JRHEvilInc/Joel R. Hunt

Must Love Cats

The First Parents

The Schoolhouse in the Forest

The Ship’s Log


My Girlfriend’s Cheating on Me with a Twin That Doesn’t Exist

I Used to Hack Baby Monitors

Michael Whitehouse


The Melancholy of Herbert Solomon


There Are People Outside my Windows during Blackouts


My Friend’s Warning About Strange Places

The Last Train Home


The Other One

The Stairs and the Doorway


Ruth’s Account of the Whistlers

Bill’s Account of the Whistlers

WriterJosh/Josh Parker

Bored? Come Try This…

“I’m Not BrainDaddy!”

The Disappearance of Joren Vanger

Engine Revs


My Grandfather Suffered From Dementia

The House that Death Forgot

Joe the Creep


“Scarecrow” by R. Scabree: A Review-as-I-Read Post

Shut That Damned Door

They Are Watching Me. And Now They Are Watching You

What the Hell is That Song

4lkelmest Falafels in Paris

AsDeathBeckons Black Thumb

ankilon 1963: Nightmares

Big_Sid Stranger in the Night

Boothworld 630-296-7536

BPaige Mr. No-Good

Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Yellow Wall-Paper

CharminglyShallow When Gods Blink

ChristinaMD I Don’t Regret Helping My Friend

Circus_Fighter Here is Some Comfort for the Disturbed

Clover10176 The Showers

Cosmo_Tronic I am a Good Parent

D18 I Just Want a Normal Kid

Daltsch A Diary in a Mine

DBootLoot Let me Paint You a Picture

Dectrek A Cult Shoveled My Driveway

Deltise The Bus Ride

Dispirited Artist My Suburban Nightmare

EmpyRealInvective A Small Piece of Lead

error666 Happy Puppet Syndrome

Eureka2814 Doppelganger

Ghost_Hit/Luke Hartwick I Found This Psychology Student’s “Experiment” on an Old Jump Drive

iia Teeny-Tiny

IndigoAnnon Close Your Closet Door

Ioptah  I Saw it Coming

InfernalNightmare333 The Devil Game

JDPatric Testing in Progress

jklimerence I Made a Book to Remember the Passion of my Dead Wife

J. Michael Lutz Smile Dog

Johnny The Couch

Kingslayer111 My Church-Going Dad Started Acting Weird

Kris Straub Candle Cove

Kyle “Kman” Mangione-Smith Dear Abby

lifeisstrangemetoo The Monster Under Your Bed

Lemniscate64 Necrosleep

Lost Wallet – Reward Lost Wallet – Reward

Madelyn Obsession

Matt Dymerski Psychosis

MayaXPapaya I’m at Your Bedroom Window

Melissaurus Mason

MethadoneDonor Every Second Counts

MrBaubas Never Answer the Door After Midnight

Myasmonster My Husband Used to Work Nights

niciunsomn My Son’s Best Friend

Nightwatch_SRB Jimmy Works the Night Shift

One Page Wonder Joshua

OvenFriend A Story to Scare my Son

Pasalacqua87 The Beeping Sound

PerfectCircle35 Mr. Widemouth

PeteCambellisaG This Confession Contains Spoilers

Peter Divine The Art of Jacob Emory

QuaintAndCurious There’s No Fear Quite Like It

Roommates69 It’ll All be Worth It

Rukatofan Are Ghosts Safe for Children?

SacredMythos I Worked Night Security in 2013, Please Help

SaraSmile416 A Ouija Board is NOT a Good Idea…Ever

SeasideConflux I Used to Work Night Security at a Zoo

Sergeant_Darwin Something Happened 63 Years Ago that’s Haunted me my Entire Life

SilverMetal Touch

Skarjo Autopilot

SmileyJack There is a Man Behind You

Snowstill The Mysterious Girlfriend

TheSpecialBlank Maggot Brain

Stephan D. Harris Ickbarr Bigelsteine

Tam Lin The Sandman

Ted Ted the Caver

Thomas O. The Seer of Possibilities

TheTigersClaw Can I Call You Sweetheart

Tiyafwons I’ve Come to Terms with the Fact that Everything I Know is a Dream

Unfey I Ate a Dead Body I Found in the Woods

UnseenWombat Hands

Vincent VenaCava The Pastel Man

Violent Harvest Second Sight

Vital_Dual Just Another Night

WhatIsCompassion Fun Fact

Wolfgang von Goethe Der Erlkönig

Xenocentric The Light from Another Room

YellaValley Don’t Forget to Lock the Door

youhaveoneday Twin Sense


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