~ Welcome to Papa Slender’s! ~

Please enjoy our hand-picked selection of over a hundred premium pastas. The recipes have been collected from all over, and the original chefs and sources are listed where known. Please note that Papa Slender’s merely redistributes these pastas, they were not created here. FAQ below!

Unless listed with a license or request not to alter the material, each recipe is given a cursory spell check, and additional changes may be made. In cases where such alterations are significant, a note explaining them is provided at the beginning of the recipe.

The material hosted on Papa Slender’s includes descriptions of violent, sexual, and otherwise graphic content that may be inappropriate for minors. If you are under 18, get permission from a legal guardian before viewing this content.

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

What is Creepypasta?

The specific definition varies from person to person, but in a nutshell, it’s an unsettling piece of fiction. The word itself comes from “copypasta,” referring to copy/pasting. The typical creepypasta is a short horror or thriller, born on the internet. However, many stories that claim the name creepypasta are merely strange, or sad, sometimes even comedic. They can very in length from a couple sentences, called micropasta, to novel-like length. Some come from before the internet was invented, campfire stories and classic fiction. Whether these older stories qualify as creepypasta isn’t agreed upon by all, but I think that’s exactly what creepypasta is at its heart – campfire stories.

Did you write these? Also, why bother when there are so many creepypasta websites already?

As stated above, no. Papa Slender’s is merely a collection of creepypasta. Each story is credited with its author, if I can find one. A link to where the story was pulled from is also included.

The short answer is I started Papa Slender’s for myself, so it doesn’t matter how well the need is fulfilled elsewhere. The long answer is:

Originally I had no plans of hosting it publicly. It started as a google document. I found myself wanting to reread old stories, but sometimes I couldn’t find them, or even remember the names. So I started keeping copies of my own. But my internet was slow at the time, and the google doc started lagging down. That’s where papaslenders.com came in, as a better way to handle my collection while also allowing access to anyone who might enjoy it.

I want to suggest a story or submit my own, my story is here and I want it taken down, I want feedback on my story, I want to have a word with you!

Currently Papa Slender’s doesn’t have a contact page, or any sort of submission process. Those are things I would like down the road, should I have more money to invest in this project. But for now, if you’d like to contact me, you may do so at jatertainment@gmail.