House Favourites

Below you will find the house favourites here at Papa Slender’s, those dishes we find have that certain something that makes them extra delicious. Please enjoy!

50 Foot Ant’s First Story //Novella

630-296-7536 //Short

Autopilot //Short

The Art of Jacob Emory //Medium

Bedtime //Long

Bill’s Account of the Whistlers //Novella

Candle Cove //Short

I’ve Come to Terms with the Fact that Everything I Know is a Dream //Medium

The Comfy and Cozy Cabin //Long

This Confession Contains Spoilers //Medium

Der Erlkönig //Micro

The Devil Game //Long

Doors //Medium

The Family Portrait //Short

Ickbarr Bigelsteine //Medium

Jimmy Works the Night Shift //Medium

Joe the Creep //Long

Joshua //Long

 Just Another Night //Medium

The Last Train Home //Medium

The Light from Another Room //Long

The Melancholy of Herbert Solomon //Long

Misanthrope //Medium

Never Answer the Door after Midnight //Medium

Psychosis //Long

Ruth’s Account of the Whistlers //Novella

The Seer of Possibilities //Long

A Small Piece of Lead //Long

Teeny-Tiny //Medium

Twin Sense //Long

What the Hell is That Song //Medium