Medium Pasta

Here is our selection for those who believe in moderation. At 1,401 to 3,000 words, these dishes have some substance to them without spoiling your appetite.


The Art of Jacob Emory

I’m at Your Bedroom Window

The Beeping Sound

Bored? Come Try This…

Close Your Closet Door

I’ve Come to Terms with the Fact that Everything I Know is a Dream

This Confession Contains Spoilers

A Diary in a Mine 

The Disappearance of Joren Vanger

I Don’t Regret Helping my Friend


Engine Revs

Every Second Counts

Fat Camp

Fat Camp: Part 2

Fat Camp: Part 3

Fat Camp: Part 4

Fat Camp: Part 5

There’s No Fear Quite Like It

My Grandfather Suffered from Dementia


Ickbarr Bigelsteine

Jimmy Works the Night Shift

Just Another Night

The Last Train Home

Maggot Brain


Mr. No-Good

Mr. Widemouth

The Mysterious Girlfriend

Never Answer the Door After Midnight

Let me Paint You a Picture

Patient #0017983

I Saw it Coming

Second Sight

Shut That Damned Door

Smile Dog

Something Happened 63 Years Ago that’s Haunted me my Entire Life

My Suburban Nightmare




I Used to Hack Baby Monitors

They Are Watching Me. And Now They Are Watching You

What the Hell is That Song

I Worked Night Security in 2013, Please Help