Welcome to the Novellas section! The following are serious eats, beginning at 9,000 words, so get comfortable. Because there is no word cap for this category, the word count is listed alongside each pasta.

I Found This Psychology Student’s “Experiment” on an Old Jump-Drive 9,756

A Ouija Board is NOT a Good Idea…Ever 30,896

ROOM 12,472

The Showers 11,208

Ted the Caver 21,833

correspondence:;// – This series begins with correspondence:;//, which is too short for the Novella section.

correspondence:;//revelations:;// 10,629

correspondence:;//intervention:;// 13,041

Tales from the 2/19th

Humper-Monkey’s Ghost Story 30,294

Humper-Monkey’s Epilogue 13,123

50 Foot Ant’s First Story 54,073

The Whistlers

Ruth’s Account of the Whistlers 16,402

Bill’s Account of the Whistlers 9,773