My Dog Speaks in my Sleep 2

By Chef JRHEvilInc/Joel R. Hunt

//Source. This is part two of a series. Part three coming tomorrow.

I dreamt of Gus again last night.

The day had been mostly uneventful. I’d managed to shake the unsettling feeling of my first dream, and spent a while trying to get Gus to eat something. He just didn’t seem interested. I thought a walk might help, get him hungry through exercise. It also gave me a chance to go through the dream in my head, or at least what I remembered of it, and try to work out what aspect of it had got me worked up. My dreams weren’t usually so vivid. Continue reading “My Dog Speaks in my Sleep 2”


There are People Outside my Windows – Part 2

By Chef Nickbotic


//Original Title “There are people outside my windows during blackouts – Part 2” Changed for brevity.

I went to the hotel to stay with my wife and daughter. I will admit that I let bravado and machismo fog my view of what is truly important. My question now, though, is what if these things are following one of us in particular? Continue reading “There are People Outside my Windows – Part 2”