He Wasn’t There

By Chef JRHEvilInc/Joel R. Hunt


Re: The Godwin Case – progress? From: asherniazi@nhs.net To: green.em@pattontrust.org Date: 22/05/17

Hello Emily,

I was just wondering if you’d made any progress with Alesha Godwin? Peter’s been sharing more with me in session, but his account is somewhat scattered and I think some cross-referencing may shed light on what he’s telling me. In any event, we should definitely organise a meeting before the first court date, preferably a week in advance to give Defence a good time to process it all.

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Dr Asher Niazi, Child Psychiatrist Continue reading “He Wasn’t There”


Mr Moogy was Imaginary. He Had to Be.

 By Chef Ryedenanne

My daughter started talking about Mr Moogy on her 4th birthday. My brother and I lived across the street from one another and we held the party at his house since he could afford a pool and I couldn’t.

That day, the shift was indicated by a small tug on the skirt. I turned to see the beautiful hazel eyes of Melissa, my daughter, staring up at me. “Mommy, Mr. Moogy wants to come home with us.” I knelt down to get to her level. “Who’s that, baby?” She looked around, as if searching for someone. “He’s my new friend! I don’t see him, though. He must have gone to grab his coat.” I realized then that my little baby had her first imaginary friend. I nodded enthusiastically “Of course he can. Mr. Moogy is more than welcome in our home whenever he wants.” Continue reading “Mr Moogy was Imaginary. He Had to Be.”